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Grafton Hair & Beauty
Your One Stop Shop For Hair & Beauty
Contact: 091 588160
Address: Grafton Hair & Beauty, Upper Salthill Galway, County: Galway

Grafton Hair salon Galway, a hairdressing institution, offering a hot creative team for color, up-styles, blow dries and cuts.

“The hairdressers at Grafton Hair are just so damn cool. You always leave looking great and up to date”

Our expert colour team leads the way for hair salons in Galway with L.A. Lites, Woven lights, Balayage, POP Colour and the all time classic high & low lights. Working alongside our colour team are the very best stylists working in hair salons in Galway.

Previous styling work includes large fashion events, while also providing creative styles for national press and publications.

A first for hair salons in Galway, Grafton Hair introduces the revolutionary 16 Week Organic Blow Dry, Smooth, healthy, frizz-free hair with radiant shine No damage and Formaldehyde Free!

Results lasting up to 18 weeks.Grafton Hair Galway offers this 100% Organic Treatment in a variety flavors; including Coco, Strawberry and Banana.

"I left Grafton Hair with my thick frizzy hair feeling soft and looking bouncy and glossy”

Wash & Blow Dry (short) €22
Wash & Blow Dry (medium) €25
Wash & Blow Dry (long) €28
Cut & Blow Dry €41 – €50
Children Under 15 €25
Full Head Meche & Styling Cut €120 – €140
Full Head Meche & Blow Dry €95 – €110
Half Head Meche & Styling Cut €105- €120
Half Head Meche & Blow Dry €85 – €95
Balayage & Styling Cut €120- €140
Balayage & Blow Dry €95- €105
Tint Cut & Blow Dry €80 – €95
Tint & Blow Dry €60 – €75
Masking & Cut €65
Semi & Cut €80 – €95
Semi & Blow Dry €60 – €75
Flood Lites 5 – 10 pkts €20
Cap Hi-Lites & Cut €80
Cap Hi-Lites & Blow Dry €70
Perm & Cut €80
Masking & Blow Dry €45
Up-Styles from €35
Ghd Curls from €25
T – Bar Meche & Styling Cut €90- €95
T – Bar Meche & Blow Dry €65- €70



File and polish €14
File and French polish €16
Full manicure €25
Full manicure with French polish €27
File and polish toes €16
File and French polish €18
Pedicure/French €40 / €42
Pedicure with Callus peel €48
Shellac hands /French €25 / €27
Toes €30
Gel Nails €45
Acrylic nails €45
Fills €35
Full Leg €25
Full leg and bikini €35
Half leg and bikini €30
Half leg €16
Bikini €17
Extended bikini(Californian) €22


Grafton Hair and Beauty specialises in enhancing natural beauty through high fashion and bridal styles and up-styles. Feeling beautiful, as well as confident, on your wedding day is our main focus. Throughout our wedding portfolio, you will view a sampling of the various styles Grafton Hair can create for your special day. With our specialised knowledge and deep devotion, Grafton Hair and Beauty will make your beauty dreams become a reality.   

“Grafton Hair did an amazing job with my hair. I have very thick hair that tends to get frizzy easily, and my hair stayed curly and perfect looking all day and night. The staff were on time and very professional. My mom and sister loved their hair also. I have never seen my hair look this good! Many Thanks”

“I was just married about 3 months ago – August 23rd. I was referred to Grafton Hiar by Galway Bay Hotel .. I have to say, the staff are extremely professional and very talented . I warned Leah right away…I am the pickiest person when it comes to my hair. I actually had Leah do two hair trials so I could make sure it was just right. She was amazingly patient and understanding the entire time. The day of the wedding my hair came out even better than the two trials. They also had to do my mom, my sister and four of my friends hair for the wedding. Everybody was RAVING about their hair. Leah seriously went out of her way to make me, and everyone else happy with their hair. I’m so glad i went to Grafton Hair for my wedding day hair”

“Grafton Hair did hair for myself (the bride  [:)]  , my mum, my now mother-in-law and my 3 bridesmaids and she did just a wonderful job. Even my very fussy mom was extremely happy. we all looked amazing! They were able to make everyone look different yet we all went well together so well. They worked with each of my bridesmaids to pick a hair style that worked right for them and it worked out just beautifully! I love love love . The staff there were a joy to work with on my big day! I highly recommend the team at Grafton Hair”

Grafton Hair introduces the revolutionary 16 week Organic blow Dry. The celebrity favoured treatment tames softens and smoothes even the frizziest of locks giving you salon-like hair with minimum effort. This innovative formula represents the cutting edge of keratin-based conditioning and volume-reduction technology. QOD GOLD is the highest quality Brazilian Keratin formula available today, offered as a luxury treatment in exclusive high-end salons worldwide, earning a well deserved reputation for producing greater shine, smoothness and manageability than any other keratin formula.   

What's the difference about the 16 week Organic Blow Dry

QOD Cosmetic have consistently focused on the technology and quality of their products, steadily reducing the levels of potent chemicals in their formulas while maintaining and improving their long-lasting conditioning, revitalising and straightening effects.

QOD Cosmetic is unique in its expertise and has developed a cutting edge, patented technique that uses a proprietary compound of actively charged elements to work with the keratin for maximum penetration and effect. This is particularly true in the formulation of QOD GOLD.

QOD Products are Organic Luxury Hair Treatments That Offer The Following Benefits:

  • De-Frizzes Hair
  • Reduces Curls
  • Smooths Hair
  • Makes Hair Easier to Manage
  • Gives Hair a Protein Injection
  • Repairs Damaged Hair
  • Makes Hair Feel and Look Healthy
  • Leaves Hair Revitalized & Rejuvenated
  • Gives Hair a Natural Silky Shine
  • Helps Hair Growth
  • Strengthens Hairs
  • Can be applied to ALL Hair Types
  • Made up of Natural Ingredients such as Keratin & 15 Amino Acids
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Does Not Damage or Alter Hairs Structure
  • No Fumes
  • Lasts up to 16 Weeks


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Contact Grafton Hair

Address: Grafton Hair, Upper Salthill, Galway.
Phone: 091 588160



“I recently went to Grafton Hair to get a 16 week Organic blow-dry with a special coupn I got from the Galway Advertiser for €50 off. I found the treatment itself really enjoyable & my hair felt like silk afterwards. I have naturally quite thick wiry hair and would usually take about 45 minutes and 3 hairbrushes to blow dry! After the treatment it only took about 10-12 minutes to blow-dry – I couldn’t believe the transformation.
My hair felt healthier & looked so shiny that everyone noticed the change. It has now been 10 weeks since the treatment and my hair still looks amazing. It now takes about 25 minutes to blow-dry but still is half the time it took before. It’s no longer a chore to blow-dry my hair after I wash it. It holds the shape and silkiness.”

What is QOD Brazilian Keratin?

QOD Permanent Blow Dry is a revolutionary, keratin-based hair treatment originating in Brazil that truly transforms the hair. Keratin, the primary protein of hair, nails and skin, is a natural substance which helps return hair to its original healthy, shiny, smooth state. Unlike other techniques, straightening with QOD Brazilian Keratin replenishes the condition of the hair without changing or damaging its molecular structure. It can be used on all hair types.

There are other Keratin Products on the market - why use Brazilian QOD?

OD products offer the most authentic, highest quality keratin treatments on the market today. Any professional who have used QOD keratin products will tell you that they are more effective and last longer than other keratin-based treatments, producing significantly more volume-reduction and far more shine. They are also completely safe and certified as such by EU based authorities. Professionals who recognise the importance of keeping their customers happy and coming back to their salons buy from Keratin Max.

Are QOD products Formaldehyde free?

QOD’s products do not contain formaldehyde, unlike the many formaldehyde-based keratin treatments on the market today. QOD have invested ten years of research into a patented process that gives better results than formaldehyde without any of the harmful effects. Keratin Max (Real Hair Int.) has obtained certification from the relevant authorities in the EU to ensure the safety of all the products we sell and the products are also certified and approved in the United States by the FDA.

How long will a QOD treatment last?

At least 3-4 months, although in some cases it can last much longer, depending on hair type.

Does QOD permanent blow dry work on hair with extensions?

Yes. As always with extensions, care should be taken when flat-ironing: the seam where extensions are joined to the natural hair should not be flat-ironed.

How long does QOD permanent treatment take and what does it involve?

Depending on the volume of hair and application process used, the treatment can take between 1 and 3 hours to complete.
First, the hair cuticle must be prepared, using a suitable pre-treatment shampoo such as QOD Cleanse to remove impurities from the hair. After application of the treatment, the hair is blown dry and infused with a 450 degree flat iron – trapping the moisture, hydrating the hair and creating a smooth, glossy finish.

How often can QOD permanent treatment take be performed on the hair?

As often as you like – it’s a conditioning treatment that improves the condition of hair. If maximum volume reduction is the objective, multiple treatments can have a cumulative effect. Many clients also request the service after hair colouring or other harsh process in order to bring the hair back to a natural healthy shine.

Can the hair be washed or tied back after a QOD treatment?

Wash your hair as normal after leaving salon. No three day delay……And manage as normal including tying up for work or nights out.


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