New Product For Businesses

Since 2010 Smartsearch have been providing local Galway businesses with a platform to sell their products and services online. We provide this service to businesses which otherwise would not have sufficient resources to market their offerings online. We now are close to averaging 50,000 unique visitors to our website every month. We have also developed a database of over 70,000 local users and 300,000 national users who have opted to receive daily promotional emails and texts from us.

We are unlike other deal websites, which are increasingly focusing on selling highly discounted deals to make a short term profit. The practice of selling such deals is not sustainable for businesses, we are committed to improving the long term performance of our client businesses through aiding their digital marketing efforts and giving them a return on their investment.

We now plan to offer a new service to further help businesses develop their online presence. 95% of Irish households use the internet every day. Studies have shown that utilising digital marketing to generate sales is a much more cost effective approach in comparison to traditional marketing mediums. It is clear that there is massive growth in digital marketing and this is why Smartsearch has invested heavily in creating the infrastructure which will allow all businesses to easily claim a piece of the pie.

We plan to offer businesses in all industries their own highly marketed new e-commerce website. This new site will allow customers to browse through a range of different industries from restaurants to accountants and to make purchases on the site. Within each of the available industries users will be able to view the independently controlled website of each local business in that industry. Businesses which opt in to this new service will receive the following at a price which will be better value than if the business attempted to receive the same results independently:


Their own new website under the Smartsearch domain. Businesses can manage the content of these web-pages themselves with our incredibly easy to use content management system. The website may even be branded with businesses’ own logos and colours.


The ability for businesses to sell their own products through the website. In 2011 the e-commerce market as a whole in Ireland was worth €4.1 billion, this was an increase of over 58% on the previous two years


Appear in front of millions of potential customers on search engines every day. We guarantee that the page of the new Smartsearch website for your industry will appear on the first page of results for relevant searches within your industry.


Indirect access to our massive database of 70,000+ local customers and 300,000 national users. We can market your website to this database by email and text message.


We can actively support your social media presence with our own. We have over 10,000 likes on Facebook; we also use Twitter and YouTube which all can be used to support your digital marketing efforts.


The new Smartsearch service will be aggressively marketed both on and offline. We will actively drive traffic to the business pages of your new website. It is our aim to make Smartsearch the go-to website for customers looking for anything from gyms to doctors.


The new Smartsearch website will allow all business to compete with their local competitors on a level playing field

The new Smartsearch service aims to pool resources in order to offer a strong digital presence to client business at a cost which will be much less than if the businesses tried to get the same results individually. Smartsearch is committed to work with businesses to develop profitable and sustainable digital marketing

Thank you for your time.

The Smartsearch team.